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For your most important electronics...


Discover Unmatched A/V Performance with KIYORA

     Elevate your entertainment experience to new heights with KIYORA, the ultimate power conditioner meticulously crafted for discerning audiophiles. Boasting advanced surge protection and noise filtration, KIYORA delivers impeccable audio and video quality, making it the must-have addition to your home theater system.

Experience the Power of EP's Patented Waveform Correction

     KIYORA employs EP's cutting-edge "waveform correction technology" to eradicate electrical noise from your AC supply, removing power anomalies and providing a clean AC signal to your AV system. The result is a remarkable enhancement in both audio and video quality.

True Isolation & High-Power Output:

Three Customizable Isolated Power Banks

     With three isolated power banks and the choice of US or EU outlets, KIYORA delivers true isolation and high-power output, guaranteeing optimal AV system performance.

Absolute Noise Elimination with KIYORA

Experience total electrical noise removal in residential facilities with the KIYORA unit, showcasing its unparalleled efficacy and performance.

Superior Surge Absorption & Noise Filtration

     KIYORA's advanced surge absorption safeguards your valuable equipment from surges, transients, lightning, and high-frequency noise, while its innovative waveform correction circuit enhances power quality without compromising critical system currents.

Key Features:

  • Patented waveform correction for optimal power quality

  • Advanced low-pass filtration to eliminate high-frequency noise

  • Ground filtration for removing ground noise and loops

  • State-of-the-art surge protection with an integrated tank circuit for energy dissipation

  • Three premium isolated power banks with heavy-duty receptacles and high-quality IEC connectors

  • Informative display for monitoring voltage, current, power factor, and energy consumption


Pioneering Functionality

     KIYORA's groundbreaking technology quickly diverts surges to its tank circuit, safely dissipating energy through thermal conduction. The fast-acting, nano-crystalline-based low-pass filter circuit eliminates surge-related ringing noise and high-frequency noise, while the low-pass filter refines the system by removing residual noise and restoring the waveform's sinusoidal nature.

For the overall house...

Unveiling the Bsgp-2050

     The robust electrical surge and noise filtration system engineered for residential use. Adapted from industrial solutions, the Bsgp-2050 SPD+Noise filter is highly regarded among audiophiles and designed to safeguard sensitive and expensive electrical loads in residential electrical distribution systems up to 400A load panels.

The Bsgp-2050: Absorbs, Dissipates, and Removes

  • Transient voltage surges and spikes

  • Frequency noise between 3kHz-1MHz

  • Ring and combination waves


Experience Groundbreaking Energy Management

     The Bsgp-2050 does not shunt energy to the ground. Instead, it utilizes the case ground to eliminate system noise. Equipped with self-healing Thermal MOVs and a patented tank circuit, the Bsgp-2050 dissipates residual ringing noise from the MOV circuitry, ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable electronics.

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